Shady Procurement - And Standing Together

This week the City Commissioners’ Office has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Philly politics as usual? Unfortunately, yes.

New machines - not yet paid for - showed up in City Hall so City Commissioner Lisa Deeley, who is running for reelection, could display them for the press. It was then released she lost her notary license for improprieties. The City Controller announced she would not pay $1 towards the new machines while there were so many questions surrounding the rushed procurement which only benefits one voting-machine manufacturer. The machines alone bring concern of vulnerabilities leaving room for hacking and altered votes in a swing state. So, Philly politics as usual, right? Unfortunately, yes. But we have the opportunity to change how we do business.

I am proud to sign my name to a letter condemning the new voting machines and the opaque process by which they were selected. (Link to the letter and associated articles below.)

It is unusual for so many candidates to stand together instead of competing against each other. But this is a significant moment. I believe that our voices, as candidates, are more powerful when we stand together, especially against an incumbent. Separately, no-one listened, but together we are stronger.

I will continue building coalitions as Commissioner, working with neighborhood groups and experts alike, and I won’t waste time reinventing the wheel to make a name for myself. The objective is to improve voter education, turnout, and make Election Days run error-free.

I do not know where the city will be with the machines when I am inaugurated in January. I can promise that I will immediately change the procurement process to bring much-needed transparency to the office, and insist that public groups, including Committee People and Judges of Election, are involved.

Read the letter and associated articles “Philly’s Voting Machine Fiasco” on the Philadelphia Citizen,

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