Moira Bohannon grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs, the eldest daughter of two teachers. She attended the Marple Newtown schools through sixth grade, and found her confidence at Villa Maria Academy. Moira studied political communication and political management at The George Washington University, where she wrote her thesis on voting participation. After graduation, she worked as a lobbyist for education policy, representing migrant and bilingual students and helping draft the original DREAM Act.

Now, Moira is a single mom, living in North Central Philadelphia with her 13-year-old son, Henry. She works as a Senior Developmental Editor, serving as a project manager for content development of a healthcare application. She is out as a proud bisexual woman, and is a co-chair of her company's Pride group. Moira has been involved in a number of local activism organizations, focusing on canvassing and GOTV efforts, and volunteered with candidates and the PA Democratic party in recent elections. Moira and Henry also volunteer with organizations fighting hunger and homelessness in the city.

(Photo at the Rally for Charlottesville, by Kelly Vincent)